Beating the drums
Let's go back long before time, to the fundamental gestures that humanity never tires of repeating, perhaps only changing in form, through the centuries and the millennia. Ever since man became man, every time there is news to be spread, there is also someone to beat the drums. Tam tam… tam tam… it was our African ancestors’ favourite game, a game which we heralds of modernity still play. Putting a good communicator on the same level as an expert percussionist may seem like blasphemy, but it is much closer to the truth than certain other trite expressions we hear every day. 
At Key4media, for example, we know how to beat the drums and we're proud of it. Our clients produce the news, and we spread it from tribe to tribe with the strength and knowledge of our own polyrhythms. Just like any music group, we think it is important to make music and not noise. We like inventing the rhythms and melodies that best fit our clients’ requirements. We like organising public exhibitions in advance, paying attention to each little detail. Then, when everything’s ready, we also like to improvise and try out unusual musical figures or slip into other genres.   
Everyone says it, and so do we (but only because it’s true): our keywords are group work, team spirit and the capacity to improve. However, not many have the courage to admit that communication is mostly a creative game, both thoughtlessly casual and a stickler for the rules. Federico Fellini often said that "life is a game to be played seriously". We like to think that, if he had known us, he would have chosen us to represent him.
Presumption? Come and find out.