Harmonious discord
Sometimes people meet because they think, act and live in a similar way. We met precisely because we are different, complementary - in fact, we are as contrasting as we could be. You might think that character and professional differences could lead to conflict. You'd be spot on, because our differences are a constant source of conflict, which we believe is not only inevitable but even positive. Have you ever heard of good decisions made by a group of individuals that are in complete, perennial agreement? On the stock exchange they even refer to a "rule of contrary opinion", which dictates that if most investors agree on something, they are usually wrong. 
You know those meetings that seem to be following a constructive dialogue (a rare thing), but are instead only a series of approved monologues? Well, our meetings are not like that. Our meetings (with or without clients present) are productive exactly because they are lively and vibrant.
Think about it: energy is always created from resistance to tension. Without tension, there is no water to push against the walls of a dam and no hydroelectric energy can be produced. On the other hand, no energy will be produced either if the dam is weak, incapable of resisting the pressure. Two things are needed - water to push and a robust dam to contain it. Our dam is built with friendship and sense of humour: reciprocal affection and a healthy dose of laughter help us to transform diversity into value and shared choices.