Valeria Penati – Your message is in good hands
If you want to understand how important someone is to you, here’s a simple test - let's call it the “SOS message test”. Imagine that you're in serious danger and your life depends on delivering a certain message. You can't move, so you need someone else to take the message on your behalf. The task won’t be easy, because the paths that lead to the destination are difficult and riddled with dangerous traps.
The only solution is to find someone that cares enough about you to take on the challenge and that has the personal skills necessary to succeed.
Now think about the people you know and ask yourself if you would trust your SOS message to them. Think carefully, because the person you choose could literally “save your life”, and deserve pride of position in your personal photo album of friends (real friends, that is).
A survey conducted using CATI and CAPI interviews on a statistically relevant sample of individuals found that Valeria Penati is one of the top figures, both in Italy and abroad, to be chosen to carry that saving message. How come? Come and meet her. And if you happen to be in a sticky position...

Post scriptum: journalist, editor and freelance writer for various publications between 1989 and 2001, Valeria moved to media relations in 2001, gaining solid experience in the press relations department of Global Value from 2004-2005. From 2006 onwards she has focussed on themes associated with the world of energy, innovation, environmental sustainability and energy certifications.