Grandma’s recipe
Our Grandmothers told us to be careful about people who think they know everything, and only to trust people who are content to know everything about only one or two things, making an effort to master a single trade. Today, our world has changed but the advice remains valid, especially in the glittery world of communications where the skills required range from packaging tuna fish to financial communications, from guerrilla marketing to media planning or the terrifying world of crisis management. Sometimes when we hear about “360° communication” it gives us the shivers: used to refer to "vision", or the capacity to design and manage all the aspects of a project, it’s fine. But if it means that a single person or team are capable of performing all the activities that an articulated communications project requires, all at top level, then we become a little suspicious. Very suspicious, in fact. We like to to be upfront: we know how to do lots of things (too many, if you listen to our Grandmas!), but not everything. We take care of the things that are in our repertoire ourselves, but for everything else we rely on a network of experienced professionals. Don't worry, though - our Grandmas are all in pension! Inhouse skills
• Strategy consulting
• Communication plans (corporate, brand, financial, internal, social)
• Communication tools design (brochures, annual and financial reports, marketing tools and sales support, company budgets)
• Media accreditation
• Corporate and product/service press relations
• Meetings and press briefings with key journalists
• Identification of speaking opportunities
• Crisis management
• Fundraising, co-branding and co-marketing activities
• Copywriting, ghost-writing
• Event planning

Network skills
• Lobbying
• Advertising and graphic communications (above & below the line)
• Web (programming, design, online marketing and advertising)
• Events and trade fair management
• Publishing services