The importance of being Max
There are so many freelance professionals who help us to design new services and complete our work every day. But two of them are particularly close, and have held our hand ever since the beginning - and both are called Max. We’re not sure whether we chose them for the name or, as we suspect, the name chose us.   
The first Max is the coordinator of the graphics firm whose creativity and availability we have shamelessly taken advantage of, who has helped us to transform our scribblings "typed up in word and printed on A4" (Max’s first real insult) into concrete and visually attractive projects.  
The second Max is our tech consultant, the computer-tamer, the king of DLLs, who has constructed his professional future on the indiscriminate use of the “ctrl-alt-delete” buttons. Max 2 is taciturn, a great listener and a fervent nodder, who knows how to trick us into believing that we’re saying something that makes technological sense. Above all, Max 2 knows the best way to meet our ICT requirements and how to find new and original ideas to do what we will archive as a practical text “typed up in word and printed on A4”!
Both of them lend us a big hand. We can really say that our consultants “work to the max” and that, as popular wisdom dictates, two Maxes are better than one!