Lucia Casartelli – What’s up Doc?
Lucia is a dead ringer for Judy Marwell, the exhilarating character played by Barbra Streisand in What’s up Doc?: a breezy, happy-go-lucky girl with an encyclopaedic range of knowledge, inventive and unbelievably determined.   
Just like a travelling salesman of the 1950s, she spends half her life in a car with a huge suitcase containing her mobile office. From her nifty Citroën, just by laying on her hands, Lucia telephones, interviews, takes notes and processes thousands of case histories (her greatest passion); all while speeding down the motorway and shooting killer looks at anyone who gets in her way. Life is dangerous but the results are top-notch, because Lucia never misses an opportunity – she’s always available for journalists and clients, and she always finds a legal and interesting way to achieve her goals.

Post scriptum: with a particular focus in the IT and TLC sector, Lucia has extensive experience as a senior account manager in public relations and business and consumer communications strategies for associations, small and medium sized enterprises and multinational firms. As a freelancer, she has also managed social communications projects for the no-profit sector.